How to Clean Vinyl Floors?

How to Steam Clean Vinyl Floors?

Vinyl floors have emerged as one of the most practical and cost-effective floor coverings on the market today. They are not only attractive and durable, but easy to install as well. They are available in various patterns and colors to match the floor covering needs of any room in your home or office. Vinyl offers high water resistant and has very few seams. That’s why you are unlikely to find microorganisms in the gaps between the tiles. However, they must be cleaned regularly and properly to maintain their good looks. Steam cleaning is a great way to keep vinyl floors look fresh and spotlessly clean.

Why Use Steam Cleaners?

Steam is a proven and very effective way of cleaning vinyl. It also keeps the floor sanitized. Contrary to popular opinion, vinyl is not vulnerable to the high temperatures of steam cleaners. Steam cleaners with high temperature levels can easily clean dirt and grime from vinyl floors without much manual effort. Moreover, the cleaning application can be completed faster than by using conventional cleaning methods. Steam cleaning is unlikely to leave any streaks or scratches on vinyl floor, which is a definite possibility when you use wire brushes to scrub and clean the floors.

Cleaning Vinyl Floors with Steam Cleaners

The following steps can ensure comprehensive cleaning of vinyl floors without much hassle and physical effort:

Understand How a Steam Cleaner Works

The combination of the steam jet and temperature makes steam cleaners one of the most powerful cleaning systems. It can eliminate dirt effortlessly whilst making it much easier to access difficult-to-reach areas. Steam cleaners make it possible to clean more comprehensively and that too without chemicals, and it sanitizes as well. Water from a hose is drawn into a container that has a heating element or a boiler to generate steam. The steam is transferred to the vinyl floor through a nozzle, which has a cleaning wand attached to it. The best steam cleaner can generate steam at temperatures that can reach as high as 330°F.

Setting Up the System

This is easy, if you follow the manual provided with the steam cleaner. The only care you must take is to make sure that all connections are secure and leak proof. Check the tank for oil and gasoline levels, if needed.

Cleaning the Vinyl Floor

Remove bits of crumbs, dust, and dirt with a broom before you steam clean, as it can create residual dirt when mixed with heated steam. Dried deposits and residues can be cleaned with the steam cleaner directly. Start the machine, keep the nozzle at least a feet from the floor, and clean from one direction, preferably from the corners to the center of the floor. Make sure you don’t keep the nozzle in one place for a long time, as high steam temperature can take the shine off the vinyl surface. Use a microfiber towel and the right accessories to wipe dry the surface.


  • Keep your body away from the direct line of the steam jet. It can cause painful injuries.
  • Using the proper wand or accessory as recommended in the manual can help in completing the cleaning task faster and more conveniently.
  • Use a reputable brand of steam cleaner to get more value for your dollars.

By using a technologically-advanced steam cleaner with the right specifications, you can get spotlessly clean vinyl floors within no time.

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How to Clean Vinyl Floors?

How to Clean Vinyl Floors?