How to Select the Best Pressure Washer for Concrete Maintenance?

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer for Concrete Maintenance?

Concrete is perhaps one surface that gets subjected to strong contaminants on a daily basis. It is one of the toughest materials to clean as it can absorb liquid contaminants like grime and oil easily. It also absorbs heat, which leads to quick drying of liquid based contaminants, leaving huge stains and patches on the surface.

Oil, grease, grime, and even graffiti are substances that cannot be easily removed from concrete. You need equipment that will be able to get rid of the stains permanently. A commercial pressure washer is the best option for this application.

Capabilities of Commercial Pressure Washers

Commercial pressure washers are designed to release water at high pressures, providing enough flow and force to effectively remove a dried substance. For concrete maintenance, gas or propane powered motor systems are popular because they can provide high amounts of water pressure. The systems can provide flow rates of up to 4GPM. Many manufacturers provide hot water pressure washers that are designed to raise the water temperature to a high 330oF. The combination of flow rate, temperature, and water pressure enables the pressure washer to easily remove any kind of tough substances and stains.

How to Choose the Best Industrial Pressure Washer for Concrete Applications

  • Look at Reputed Suppliers: Check online sources or company listings to find the best pressure washer suppliers in your city. You can also read online reviews of companies. Log onto their websites and take a look at their range of pressure washing equipment.
  • Check the Product’s Technical Specifications: Water pressure, flow rate, and water temperatures are the key points that need to be considered while looking at a range of pressure washers. Water pressure starting at 800psi and 1.4GPM can be a good option. Give preference to gasoline powered systems as electrical powered systems make you dependent on an external power source.
  • Look for Attachment Options: Attachments or accessories can help you to make the work easy without putting too much pressure on your body. Turbo nozzles are perfect for cutting through old stains. See if it is possible to get a pressure washer that is portable or a cart on which the washer can be placed.
  • Enquire about Special Technologies and Custom Configurations: Certain concrete areas may require different body constructions, voltages, or water pressures. Check whether the pressure washer can be customized. Also, ask about any new technologies that will make the pressure washer more effective. Some manufacturers provide the option of automatic shut off technology to reduce fuel consumption.

Concrete maintenance can become an easier task when you choose the best pressure washer to meet your requirements.

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How to Select the Best Pressure Washer for Concrete Maintenance?

How to Select the Best Pressure Washer for Concrete Maintenance?