How to Clean a Wheelchair

How to Clean a Wheelchair Using Pressure Washer?

A clean, dirt-free, and well-maintained wheelchair can not only be easy to use but also puts less strain on the user. Besides, regular cleaning can minimize the need for costly and time-consuming repairs, which may greatly cause inconvenience to the patient using the chair. Regular cleaning with the right type of cleaning equipment can help in removing, grime, dirt, and body fluids that accumulate over time. Pressure washing is the best way to ensure wheelchairs remain free of unwanted buildup and deposits.

Why Pressure Washers?

Cleaning experts believe that pressure cleaning is one of the most effective ways to maintain wheelchairs, especially if high temperature flow is flowing from the system. Cold water machines can clean hard surfaces of dirt and dust but for effective cleaning of wheelchairs, the cleaning power of a steam pressure washer is necessary. High temperature electric-powered or gas pressure washer systems can be used to clean wheelchairs. Clean and sanitized wheelchairs also cut down the chances of germ growth that may trigger potential infections.

Cleaning Wheelchair with Steam Pressure Washer

Follow the procedure given below to get the best results while cleaning wheelchairs with a pressure washer:

  • Know how a pressure washer works: There are four key elements at work in a pressure washer. They are pressure output, water flow rate, cleaning solution, and heat. When these elements complement each other, you are assured of excellent cleaning results. The manual must be read carefully to know how the machine can be used for wheelchair cleaning.
  • Setting up the pressure washer: Prime the system first by running water through the spray wand to remove trapped air. Connect water inlet and outlet sources and check for loose fittings. Make sure all connections are absolutely secure. You may have to fill the tank, if the gas level is not up to the recommended level.
  • Using the right temperature and pressure levels: Cleaning wheelchair cannot be done efficiently with a cold water pressure washer. Machines, which offer enhanced cleaning power through heated steam, can provide the desired cleaning results. Steam pressure washers can remove tough and stubborn grime and buildup without having to scrub the wheelchair parts manually. Choose a machine that provides the convenience of adjustable temperature and pressure control technology, so that you can match the levels to the desired cleaning application.
  • Commence cleaning wheelchair: Remove loose dirt and other particles with a duster or broom. Bring the spray gun of the pressure washer to a reasonable distance from the wheelchair and start cleaning from top to bottom, so that the accumulated dirt and grime can flow down. Hot water mode of the machine can be activated to clean away dried bodily fluids and other germ-causing deposits.

Tips to Clean Wheelchair:

  • Keep a safe distance while using the pressure washer on wheelchairs. The high water pressure may throw unhygienic and unhealthy deposits toward you.
  • It is advisable to wear protective eye glasses while handling the pressure washer.
  • Choose pressure washer of a reputable brand, which offers you the best cleaning technology and the convenience of variable temperature and pressure.

A wheelchair cleaning equipment like pressure washer with the right specifications and the right accessories can give you superior cleaning results with minimal effort.

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How to Clean a Wheelchair

How to Clean a Wheelchair