How To Clean Brick Patios and Walkways

How To Clean Brick Patios and Walkways Using Pressure Washer?

Patios are a great place to spend a quiet evening with your family or to throw a party for your friends and relatives. Brick is popularly used for patios and walkways, due to its classy and stylish looks. However, brick has a tendency to accumulate moss, dirt, and grime. Moreover, it discolors quickly, if one leaves the patio unclean for too long. They can only be maintained by cleaning them on a regular basis using an effective cleaning system. Experts recommend using a pressure washer to clean brick patio and walkways to ensure they look new and fresh.

Why Pressure Washers are Ideal for Patio?

Pressure washers with an impressive pressure level can blast away tough deposits from brick surfaces and leave them clean and free of all dirt and grime. A pressure washer serves a mechanism to remove embedded dirt and other contaminants without having to use manual scrubbing. In addition, they clean faster than conventional cleaning methods. Using a high-quality pressure washer with the right specifications can give you great cleaning results.

Cleaning Brick Patio and Walkways with Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are undoubtedly the best cleaning tool to keep your brick patio and walkways spotlessly clean and free of dirt, debris, and tough buildup. Make sure you have a systematic approach to get the best results.

Understand How a Pressure Washer Works

Pumps in a pressure washer are designed to create a maximum amount of pressure measured in pounds per square inch at a specified rate of flow measured in gallons per minute. High pressure level is created by pushing this flow through the nozzle, which creates a restriction. The nozzle has an inlet orifice, which is sized to create maximum pressure output. The pump uses either a gas-powered engine or an electric motor to boost the pressure levels significantly higher to remove dirt and mud from brick patio and walkways effortlessly.

Setting Up the Pressure Washer

This is a crucial step in the brick patio cleaning process. Unless the pressure washer is set up as per the instructions provided in the manual, you won’t get the desired results. Check all inlet and outlet connections carefully and make sure you secure them according to the manual directives. Check oil levels in the pump and engine to ensure seamless and trouble-free performance.

Getting More Out of Your Pressure Washer

While a heavy-duty and features-rich pressure pump is well-equipped to tackle the challenges of cleaning a dirty brick patio, you can easily enhance the cleaning power of the system by adding eco-friendly and soap-free cleaning solution to the cleaning process. It can be helpful in eliminating tough and stubborn dirt marks, without having to scrub manually.

The Cleaning Process

A basic rinse can help remove loose dirt and debris. Remove all items, such as potted plants and other movable things, away from the walkway to prevent any damage during the cleaning process. Direct the water jet from the edge toward the inside areas of the brick patio and walkway, and focus on stubborn dirt spots to ensure easy removal.


  • Choose a pressure washer with the right pressure level and flow rate to make cleaning easier.
  • Understand how accessories and wands work, so that they can be used for cleaning more efficiently.
  • Buy a proven and reputable brand. Look at the features offered carefully to make sure they are designed to serve your specific cleaning needs.

Powerful and technologically-advanced pressure washers can make brick patio cleaning an easy chore. Choosing the best brand of pressure washer available will give you superior results and top value for your money.

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How To Clean Brick Patios and Walkways

How To Clean Brick Patios and Walkways