How to Clean Brick Surfaces and Sidings?

How to Clean Brick Surfaces and Sidings Using Pressure Washer?

Brick surfaces lend a rustic yet elegant appeal to indoor and outdoor décor. No wonder bricks are still used around fireplaces and to line pathways. The rough and course texture of bricks, however, poses considerable cleaning challenges. The textured surface quickly accumulates dust and dirt particles.

Around brick fireplaces that are frequently exposed to crackling fire, the brick accumulates ash, smoke stains, and black soot. Scrubbing and washing brick surfaces and sidings often do not produce the expected results. This is exactly why you need to upgrade to pressure washers to make the brick surfaces look attractive and to restore its elegant, beautiful looks.

Pressurized moisture for unmatched cleaning

Excessive use of brushes or scrubbers can damage the brick surface and cause it to chip off. These traditional techniques are also unable to remove dirt and ash trapped deep within the brick surface. Pressure cleaning is a proven method of removing stubborn and tough dirt deposits and grime from brick facades.

Using pressure cleaners to maintain brick surfaces offers a simple way of keeping brick surfaces clean and dirt-free. Simply direct the pressurized water on the brick surface to easily wash off the toughest of dirt deposits, grime, and moss that mars their attractive look. Pressure washers release a jet of fine spray generated at high pressure levels through specialized nozzles. This spray penetrates into the tiny pores on brick surfaces and effortlessly removes every bit of dust and grime.

Why Use Heated Pressure Washers?

If your brick surfaces and sidings have tougher deposits like grease, oil marks, or layers of stubborn dirt that refuse to yield to cold water pressure cleaning, you will need to switch to hot water or steam mode of your pressure washer. Advanced steam pressure washers offer the convenience of using the machine independently as a hot water, cold water, and steam pressure washer to meet the challenges of various types of cleaning applications.

The Steam Pressure Cleaning Advantage

Steam cleaning of brick surfaces and patio gives better and faster results. Besides, you are spared the cost of using expensive and harmful detergents and chemicals. Hot water and steam pressure washers can clean your brick surfaces comprehensively and more effectively than ordinary pressure washers.

What Specifications You Should Look For?

Industry experts recommend using tri-mode pressure washing machines featuring pressure levels of 3500 PSI and flow rates of 4 GPM for best cleaning results. These technologically-advanced power cleaners are also ideal for maintaining a range of other surfaces including concrete, industrial equipment, farm machinery, parking lots, driveways, and more.

When it comes to pressure washing brick surfaces and sidings, the choice of pressure washing equipment is important. Daimer® pressure washers are the first choice of operators because they come with the features and specifications required to deliver comprehensive cleaning results. Daimer® is the industry’s leading supplier of superior pressure washer systems. Their pressure cleaning machines have high-quality components and casing that assure durability and consistently high performance. These state-of-the-art cleaning systems also offer easy handling and superior safety features

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How to Clean Brick Surfaces and Sidings?

How to Clean Brick Surfaces and Sidings?