How to Wash Oil Drums?

How to Pressure Wash Oil Drums?

Oil drums have to be cleaned and degreased efficiently before they can be used for refilling. This is a tough process, if you plan to do it with wire brushes and detergents. Manual cleaning of oil drums can be strenuous, time consuming, and the results may not be all that satisfactory. Pressure washing oil drums is the ideal way of degreasing and making them ready for reuse. A pressure washer with adequate pressure level that offers high temperature and flow rates can clean and degrease oil drums with very little effort.

Why Use Steam Pressure Washers?

Hot pressurized steam, when applied on surfaces, is capable of dissolving even the toughest of oil and grease buildup. Steam pressure washers are robust cleaning systems designed to deliver impressive cleaning results, when it comes to cleaning of commercial and industrial oil drums. These machines can cut through stubborn grease and oil layers and break them down. Highly pressurized steam then blasts off these deposits, making the oil drums ready for the next refill.

Cleaning Oil Drums With Pressure Washer

Follow these simple steps to get the best results while cleaning oil drums:

  • Understand how a pressure washer works: Knowing how a pressure washer works and detailed knowledge of its key components and controls can help you complete the oil drum cleaning job with ease. The user manual supplied with the pressure washer can come handy in understanding the steps to be taken for comprehensive and effective cleaning of oil drums. Comply with all the instructions detailed in the manual including checking the engine oil level before you start the cleaning process.

  • Setting up the pressure washer: Connect the water hose from the hydrant to the machine. Turn on the water supply and start the pressure washer’s trigger gun. This is necessary to remove air from the system. Check all joints for leaks and secure them. Leaks can affect the efficiency of the pressure washer. Fill the machine with gas or oil, if needed, before you start using it.

  • Adding cleaning solution: Cleaning solutions enhance the cleaning capability of the pressure washer. However, if you are using steam pressure washers, you may not need the power of cleaning solutions. If you need to use them, make sure you choose eco-friendly, soap, and chemical-free cleaning solutions. They are environmentally safe and do not leave behind any traces of toxins in the air or on the drum surfaces.

  • Start cleaning the oil drums: Set the pressure washer to the desired pressure and temperature level. Wear eye protectors and gloves before you start cleaning. Keep the spray gun at a safe distance from drum surface and press the trigger to release the hot water spray. Start cleaning from the top of the drum and gradually aim the spray downwards, taking precautions to cover every inch of the drum surface. You can use high pressure steam hose to reach the inner areas of the drum while keeping a safe distance.


  • Adjust the temperature flow according to the cleaning needs for best results.
  • Choose a reputable brand of pressure washer for best cleaning results, durability, and superior performance.
  • Make use of the wands and accessories provided with the machine for enhanced cleaning results and convenience of use.
  • By choosing pressure washers with advanced technology, you can clean oil drums efficiently and faster than with conventional cleaning methods.

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How to Wash Oil Drums?

How to Wash Oil Drums?