How to Choose the Best Industrial Pressure Washer?

How to Choose the Best Industrial Pressure Washer?

Industrial facilities always accumulate dirt, dust, wood and metal fragments, grease, oil and other contaminants. It can be difficult to clean all these types of debris and maintain a hygienic workplace. Industrial pressure washers are the best solutions for cleaning an industrial facility and maintaining certain standards of hygiene. This article provides information on how to choose the best industrial pressure washer for your facility.

Types of Pressure Washers

There are various types of pressure washers out in the market today. You need to choose the right type of pressure washer by the various types of systems that are offered by pressure washer manufacturers.

  • Gasoline powered Pressure Washers: This type utilizes a gas powered engine to provide the required water pressure level. Among the various types of washers available, gas powered pressure washers provide the highest amount of water pressure. Gasoline powered industrial pressure washers can provide pressures up to 8,000psi. Some manufacturers also provide diesel and kerosene versions. Generally, hot water pressure washers come under this category.

  • Electric powered Pressure Washers: This is a great option for any company that is passionate about the environment. They generally use 110v to 240 volts of power to create the required amount of cleaning pressure. They are easy to use, portable, and are perfect for indoor cleaning. Normally, cold water pressure washers come under this category.

  • Chemical Pressure Washers: This type basically uses a cleaning solution or solvent of some kind. The solvent is mixed with the water, and the solution is sprayed onto a surface at high pressures. Chemical pressure washers usually have an in-built chemical tank or a separate solution tank that feeds the solvent into the water pump.

How to Select the Right Industrial Pressure Washer

By getting answers to a few questions, you can find out the right industrial pressure washers for your facility.

  • How many gallons per minute? This is the volume of water that the washer produces at certain pressures. For industrial facilities, the pressure washer should provide at least 5 gallons per minute.

  • What is the flow rate? High pressure is ineffective without the right flow rate of water. Your industrial pressure washer should be able to generate flow rates up to 4 GPM.

  • How high are the pressure levels? High pressure levels along with a good flow rate can ensure that even the toughest stains or contaminants can be easily removed. You should look at a pressure washer that is capable of providing pressure up to 8,000psi.

  • What kind of accessories come with the washer? It is always better to buy a pressure washer that comes equipped with various nozzles for effective water pressures, extendable spray gun wand for hard-to-reach surfaces, and a cart for portability.

  • What are the different applications it can be used for? The pressure washers should be able to get rid of old and new stains of oil, grease, metal shreds, and settled toxic dust. They should also be multipurpose for cleaning engine parts or certain metal body parts or the walls and ceilings of the facility.

The best industrial pressure washer will be one that would meet all the above mentioned criteria.

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How to Choose the Best Industrial Pressure Washer?

How to Choose the Best Industrial Pressure Washer?