How to Remove Soap Scum

How to Remove Soap Scum Using Steam Cleaner?

Soap scum can be difficult to remove, if it is left to dry and remain on the surface for a long time. It is generally found on bathroom fittings, wash basins, bathroom doors and tiles, and can spoil the look of your expensively furnished bathroom. If hard water flows through your bathroom lines, you face the double whammy of lime scales too. This can pose a major problem, as conventional cleaning methods and systems cannot remove these marks effectively. Steam cleaners are ideal for removing soap scum and lime scale formations.

Why Steam Cleaners?

Pressure washers can generally remove most type of buildup. However, bathroom fittings, tiles, and doors may not be able to withstand the high pressure water level of pressure washers. Steam cleaners can remove stubborn and tough deposits like scum because they are capable of generating high steam temperature that can easily break the tough chemical bond between soap scum and various surfaces in the bathroom.

Removing soap scum with steam cleaner

With the following steps, you can easily remove scum from glass, tiles, bathroom fittings, and other surfaces. Steam cleaners are valuable cleaning tools and are used for various challenging cleaning applications in both homes and commercial facilities.

Knowing how a steam cleaner works

Steam cleaners draw ordinary water from a hose and convert it to high temperature steam. It has a specialized device or nozzle through which the heated steam is ejected at high pressure onto the surface to be cleaned. Steam cleaners heat water with a boiler or a heating element. The combined power of super heated steam and the high pressure at which it is released can easily dissolve and dislodge even hardened soap scum from a variety of surfaces.

How to set up a steam cleaner?

This is a simple step, if you follow the instructions provided in the user manual. However, care must be taken to ensure that all the connections are secure and snapped into place. As heated steam is ejected at high temperature, loose fittings at the outlet can cause injury to the operator. If you are using steam cleaner for the first time, make sure you have an experienced person to guide you.

The cleaning process

Set the machine at the right temperature level and adjust the distance of the spray gun at a comfortable distance from the surface to be cleaned. Aim the spray on the areas where soap scum has accumulated. High steam temperature dissolves the soap scum buildup and also dries quickly leaving behind no trace of residual dirt. Move the steam gun from the top to the bottom of the surface to be cleaned, so that no streaks are left behind.


  • Use microfiber cloth to remove all residual dirt. The cloth can be clamped to the end of the cleaning wand to steam clean and wipe simultaneously.
  • Invest in the best brand of steam cleaner from a reliable supplier. You can be assured of superior cleaning results and durability.
  • Using wands and accessories makes the cleaning task significantly easy. Choose one that’s right for soap scum removal.

By using advanced steam cleaner with the right specifications and technology, you can get rid of soap scum from bathroom fittings, accessories, and glass doors quickly.

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How to Remove Soap Scum

How to Remove Soap Scum