How to Clean a Brick House

How to Clean a Brick House Using Pressure Washer?

If you have invested in a home with a brick exterior, proper and regular cleaning and maintenance is imperative to keep your home looking clean and attractive. Exterior surface maintenance is a vital part of cleaning home with a brick exterior. Dirt, dust, grime, pollen, mold, and mildew can accumulate on brick and leave them looking soiled and discolored. Cleaning with a high-quality pressure washer is the best way to remove this build up and leave your brick exterior looking new and fresh.

The Importance of Using Pressure Washers

Pressure washer, when used correctly, can bring back the sparkle on your brick wall exteriors within no time. Pressure washers release a jet of fine spray of water through a special nozzle at high pressures to blast off debris, dirt, and deposits from all types of hard surfaces including home exteriors. Pressure washing is the quickest and easiest way to clean surfaces and areas that are hard to reach.

Cleaning Brick House Using Pressure Washer

Take a step-by-step approach when you decide to use a pressure washer to clean your brick house.

  • Know how a pressure washer works: At the very onset, it is important to know how a pressure washer works to get the best results. Knowing how crucial components and controls are used for cleaning exterior surfaces made of bricks and stones can make the task easy for you. Before you start, check whether the machine has the suggested oil levels.

  • Getting the machine ready for use: The garden hose must be threaded appropriately to the pressure washer inlet to secure the connection. Attach the extension wand to the spray gun and lock in place. Check the spray pattern and make appropriate adjustments to get it right. Hit the ‘On’ button to deliver highly pressurized water onto the brick surface.

  • Choose the appropriate cleaning solution: Using a cleaning solution can add to the cleaning power of the pressure washer significantly. This can be very helpful in dealing with tough and stubborn deposits that accumulate on bricks due to their rough texture. Use ready-to-use cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly and safe for use on any surface, as they don’t leave behind toxic residues on the walls or in the air. Adding the right cleaning solution to the pressure cleaning process can save you time and assure high-quality results.

  • The cleaning process: Damaged joints between bricks must be patched to prevent water from seeping in through the gaps. Let the mortar patch dry. Spray the walls to soak it thoroughly before you start cleaning with the eco-friendly solution. Use a rotary scrub brush supplied along with many other accessories when you buy a pressure washer.

Tips to help you clean better:

  • Start with the lowest pressure level first and then gradually pump up the pressure to remove stubborn deposits.
  • Start spraying from the top to the bottom of the brick wall to avoid streaking.
  • Buy pressure washer from a popular and established retailer. Investing in a reputable brand will ensure effective cleaning and safe usage. You can also be sure of high durability and consistently good performance with a quality pressure washing system.

By using the appropriate brick pressure cleaner and combining it with the right accessory, you can get your home brick wall back to its shiny, attractive state quickly.

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How to Clean a Brick House

How to Clean a Brick House