How to Clean a Garbage Can Using High Pressure Washer

How to Clean a Garbage Can Using a High Pressure Washer?

Cleaning garbage cans is a tough yet important chore for a safe and healthy home environment. Using an ordinary garden hose is not the ideal solution to completely clean the garbage debris, grime, and odor, as it is incapable of generating the kind of pressure levels needed for effective cleaning. You can use a high pressure washer to effectively clean your garbage can.

Why High Pressure Washers?

High pressure washers are designed to remove dust, mud, mold, grime, and even loose paint from various surfaces, moderate-sized objects, vehicles, and buildings. It releases a high volume of pressurized water to effectively remove any kind of filth or grime. When you use a pressure washer, the job of removing grease, oil, food matter, and other residues from garbage cans becomes significantly easy.

Cleaning a Garbage Can with a High Pressure Washer

Comprehensive cleaning of garbage cans can be achieved by following the steps given below:

  • Understand the Setup of Pressure Washer: Read the pressure washer manual carefully to know how exactly the machine works. Becoming familiar with its parts and controls will make it easier to use the pressure washer for various cleaning applications. Check the engine oil and ensure that the suggested level is filled before usage.
  • Set up the Pressure Washer: Connect the extension wand to the spray gun. Connect one end of the pressure hose to the spray gun and the other to the washer machine’s pressure outlet. Then connect the water hose to the washer’s water inlet. Ensure that all connections are perfect and tight.
  • Choose the Right Cleaning Solution: Using a cleaning solution gives you a considerable advantage, as it can increase the cleaning power of the machine. There are many types of cleaning solutions in the market. Make sure you only use a solution recommended for high pressure washers. Ready-to-use cleaning solutions are recommended for use, as these will help you save time.
  • Commence Cleaning Your Garbage Can: Use a broom or a large, dirty cloth to remove any dry pieces of garbage from the can. To get rid of any odors, dilute the cleaning solution with water and scrub the can inside and out. Once that is completed, lay the garbage can on its side and rest it against a wall or your garage door for support. Use the spray gun to rinse the cleaning solution along with the grime, dirt, and remaining garbage pieces.


You can also keep the following tips in mind:

  • When rinsing the inside of the can, don’t stand directly in front of it. The high water pressure may throw out any loose garbage toward you.
  • As a safety measure, always wear gloves and protective eye goggles when handling both the can and the high pressure washer.
  • Make sure you buy the pressure washer from a reputable brand to ensure effective cleaning and safe usage.
  • With the right tools and best-quality cleaning process, you will soon have a garbage can that is clean and odor-free.
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How to Clean a Garbage Can Using High Pressure Washer

How to Clean a Garbage Can Using High Pressure Washer