How to Clean Boat and Trailer

How to Clean Boat and Trailer Using Pressure Washer?

Cleaning boats and trailers pose cleaning contractors significant challenges. It is not possible to get the desired cleaning results using ordinary cleaning methods or tools. It can be extremely tiresome and time-consuming to remove algae and barnacle debris as they cling tightly to the boat surface and can spread pretty quickly. Using a high-quality pressure washer could be the perfect solution to overcome the hassles of boat and trailer cleaning.

Why Use Pressure Washers?

Pressure washers can remove dirt, debris and grime from all types of hard surfaces. The best quality pressure washers can effectively blast off even the toughest of grime, algae deposits, and fungus from boat and trailer surfaces using the power of pressurized water. By choosing the right pressure washer, the task of cleaning and maintaining boats and trailers becomes considerably easy.

Cleaning Boat and Trailer with Pressure Washer: The Process:

Boats and trailers can be cleaned comprehensively and effectively by following these simple operational steps:

  • Know How a Pressure Washer Works: When you buy a pressure washer for cleaning your boat and trailer, do not just pull out the machine and get started. Read the manual supplied with the machine carefully to understand the working of the machine. Check engine oil and fill up to desired levels before you use the pressure washer. Try to know more about the key parts and accessories, so that you are well-informed about its usage and applications.
  • Setting Up the Pressure Washer: Remove the pressure washer and the various components. Connect the extension wand to the spray gun tightly and connect the hose to the machine’s inlet point. Make doubly sure that all connections are tight and secure. Check the tank level and fill gas, if required, before you start the cleaning application.
  • Check Whether You Need Cleaning Solution: By adding cleaning solution to the cleaning process, you can not only enhance the quality of cleaning but also get the job completed faster. There are special eco-friendly cleaning solutions available that can clean deeper and more efficiently without causing any damage to the surface, people, or environment.
  • Cleaning of Boat and Trailer: Give your boat and trailer surface a good washing with the hose spray to get rid of loose particles and grime. Set the pressure level to the PSI you desire to be able to remove grime and muck from wheel wells and bunk. Focus the spray more on those areas where there is more stubborn algae growth. Choose the right wand or accessories to make the cleaning job easy and efficient.


The following tips can help you do a better job:
  • Make sure the boat is properly hoisted, jacked up, and secure. Take special care when you wash the underneath portions, so that it does not topple due to the vibrations created by highly pressurized water output.
  • Run a quick check and remove all loose items on board that could potentially fly off when the boat is being pressure washed.
  • Ensure the nozzle tip is about six inches from the surface and hold the spray gun securely.

Most importantly, using pressure washer of a reputable and proven brand is a must to get the best results and for safe cleaning.


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How to Clean Boat and Trailer

How to Clean Boat and Trailer