How to Clean Marble Floor

How to Steam Clean Marble Floor?

Marble stone is sought for its exceptional beauty and is, therefore, a popular flooring material. To keep it looking its best, it requires proper care and maintenance. Marble can absorb dirt and attract bacteria easily due to its porous nature. You need an effective cleaning machine to keep marble floor look spotlessly clean and attractive. Steam cleaners can be the perfect cleaning machine for all types of marble floors.

Why use steam cleaners?

Marble floors cannot be effectively cleaned using conventional cleaning methods. Cleaning with mops and chemicals can be detrimental not only for the floor but also to the people around, as they are exposed to the harmful and toxic traces of chemicals. Besides, scrubbing with hard brushes may cause scratches on the porous marble surface. Steam cleaners are heavily recommended because they can clean faster and more efficiently than other cleaning systems. Steam cleaners rely on the power of heated steam to remove all types of dirt and buildups without the need to use harmful chemicals and harsh detergents.

Cleaning marble floors using steam cleaners

The following steps will help you clean marble floors efficiently:

  • Understanding the working of a steam cleaner:Ordinary water drawn from a tap is heated in a closed boiler in the steam cleaner until its temperature reaches high enough to cause the formation of steam. This time taken for this process depends on the machine and the technology used. A steam gun attached to the steam cleaner is used to release this super heated steam in measured quantities. The higher the steam pressure, the quicker the release rate. This helps dislodge and dissolve the tough grime, dirt marks, and deposits from marble floor without having to manually scrub or mop the surface.

  • Setting up the steam cleaner: Make sure you read the user manual supplied with the steam cleaner carefully to know how to set up the machine to commence steam cleaning. Securing the inlet and outlet connections properly is the key to obtaining optimum working power from a steam cleaner, as loose connections can lead to loss of power and adversely affect the performance of the machine. Machines that are powered/ heated by fuel or gasoline must have adequate levels of the fuel before the cleaning application is commenced.

  • The marble floor cleaning process: Remove all furniture and other items that may prove to be an obstacle to the cleaning process to a different location. Use a broom to remove loose dirt particles. Keep the steam gun at a convenient distance from the floor surface. Work from the corner of the room toward the main area, focusing the steam output on places where the dirt accumulation is more tough and severe. Use microfiber mops to clean residual dirt. Steam cleaners with vacuum will empty the contents into the extraction tank automatically.


  • The powerful cleaning action of heated steam can eliminate germs and bacteria. You don’t have to use expensive cleaning solutions.
  • Make use of the right accessories provided with the machine for faster and convenient cleaning of marble floors.
  • Buy steam cleaner of a reputable and proven brand for best results. It will assure durability and long-term performance.

Steam cleaners are undoubtedly the best machines for marble floor cleaning. Use a machine that offers advanced technologies that can clean, sanitize, and disinfect your marble floor without having to put in any manual effort.

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How to Clean Marble Floor

How to Clean Marble Floor