How to Clean Stone Floors

How to Clean Stone Floors Using Pressure Washers

Stone floors may be known for being tough and durable, but they also have a tendency to catch dirt faster than most other floor materials. Accumulation of dirt, grime, mildew, moss, and other deposits can make your stone floors look old and satiated. Pressure washing is the best way to restore the original sheen and luster of your stone floors, making them attractive once again.

Pressure washers are designed to remove the toughest of dirt deposits from hard floors. These are robust cleaning machines with high pressure levels, which can effectively wash and remove dirt and debris from stone surfaces within minutes. Manual cleaning methods like scrubbing using wire brushes cannot achieve the same kind of results.

There are four elements involved in a pressure cleaning system to achieve effective cleaning – pressure, flow rate, cleaning solution, and heat. Balancing these elements in the right proportions can help remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime from stone floors with absolute ease.

Cleaning Stone Floors with Pressure Washer

The following steps must be followed to get the best results while cleaning stone floors with pressure washers:

  • Understanding the Working of a Pressure Washer: Pressure washers utilize powerful cleaning systems to achieve effective cleaning results. The machine draws water from an external water source, which passes through a pressure pump unit. The pressure pump unit increases the output pressure to the appropriate level for cleaning. When the pressure washer is switched on, it releases a high volume of pressurized water to efficiently get rid of any kind of grime, dirt, oil and grease stains.

    Advanced pressure washers also have a heating system, allowing you to heat the water to a desired temperature for more comprehensive and hygienic cleaning. Most pressure washers have adjustable settings, giving you the freedom to choose the appropriate water pressure and temperature levels.
  • Setting Up the Machine: Connect one end of the pressure hose to the spray gun and the other to the washer machine’s pressure outlet. Then connect the water hose to the washer’s water inlet. Connect the extension wand to the spray gun. Check all connections and make sure all joints are secure. Set the machine to the appropriate pressure and temperature level. Prime the machine by running water through the system for a minute and then squeeze the spray wand to increase water pressure. If the machine is gas powered, fill the engine tank with the suggested level of fuel before you start the cleaning application.

    Many pressure washers also come with a variety of accessories. Some common examples are:
    • Detachable steam hose
    • Triangular and rectangular shaped brushes with towel clips
    • Grout cleaning tool
    • Steel wool pad to clean heavy grease buildups
  • Use of Cleaning Solutions: It is common to add chemicals and detergents to the cleaning process for better and faster results. However, excessive use of a cleaning solution can reduce the look and feel of your stone floors over time. Use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to maintain the durability of your stone floors. You can also dilute the cleaning solution in water and wipe the floors before you start the pressure washing process.
  • The Cleaning Process: Clean the surface to remove loose dirt, grime, and foreign materials. Point the wand of the pressure washer toward the stone floor, focusing on areas where dark and stubborn marks are prominently visible. Start working from the corners toward the main areas, and don’t forget the joints. Use the right accessories to make the cleaning process more effective.

Tips to Clean Stone Floors:

  • Test the spray of the pressure washer before you use it on the stone floor. Keep the wand focused on stubborn dirt, so that the bond is gradually broken and removed.
  • Where mere pressure is not delivering results, use heated water to dissolve and remove hardened deposits from stone floors.
  • Research the market and choose a reputed and established brand of pressure washer for best results and durability.


The regal, neat look of stone floors can be easily restored using a pressure washer with the right specifications and features.

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How to Clean Stone Floors

How to Clean Stone Floors