How to Pick the Best Hard Surface Cleaner

How to Pick the Best Hard Surface Cleaner for Kitchen floors?

As the name suggests, hard surface cleaners are intended to maintain hard surfaces, such as kitchen floors. Switching to advanced versions of hard surface cleaning machines is a great leap ahead from traditional scrubbing and mopping techniques. The machines help cut down on the time and effort involved in cleaning. Most importantly, the cleaning results are exceptionally better.

Say yes to versatility

While choosing a hard surface cleaner for a particular purpose –say cleaning kitchen floors – most people tend to limit their search to just the intended application. The result? The cleaner will usually be useful for just that one job.

Instead of following this inclination, cleaning experts recommend purchasing highly versatile hard surface cleaners capable of maintaining a range of surfaces, including concrete, tiles, marble, granite, hardwood, vinyl, stone, or linoleum.

High temperatures for efficient cleaning

To effectively remove tough dirt deposits, beverage spills, food splatters, and oil stains on kitchen floors, your hard surface cleaner must be capable of generating super-hot temperatures. The hot moisture softens the most stubborn deposits quickly to speed up the cleaning process. This technique that involves no use of cleaning chemicals is a very eco-friendly option as well. Aim for hard surface cleaners that generate temperatures as high as 330°F.

Vacuum extraction for best ever cleaning

Once the dirt deposits on your kitchen floors are dissolved by the high temperatures of hard surface cleaners, these deposits have to be effectively eliminated. Manual wiping is obviously tiresome and time-consuming. So, high-grade versions of hard surface cleaning systems feature powerful vacuum extraction functions.

Water refilling options

In conventional hard surface cleaners, the water tank has to be manually refilled each time it becomes empty. This would mean stopping of work while the refilling is in process. Thankfully, the best hard surface steam vacuum cleaners come with better water refilling options as follows:

  • For commercial use, some hard surface cleaners come with large tanks. Users can thus continue cleaning for long periods without breaks.
  • Automatic refilling function in hard surface cleaners enables the machines to be connected to a water source. Water will automatically be filled in the tank, as its volume lowers.
  • Welcome germ-free floors

    Where there are food splatters and beverage spills, there will obviously be a high concentration of germs. Therefore, the floor cleaner chosen to maintain your kitchen floors must be able to effectively eliminate germ buildup.

    The latest hard surface cleaners are equipped with advanced germ-killing capabilities. In fact, the best cleaning systems eliminate up to 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria on hard surfaces. Amazingly, the steam cleaning systems even destroy the most deadly strains of disease-causing germs, such as Listeria and E. Coli.

    It is important to note that such advanced cleaning and sanitizing technologies make hard surface cleaners a great option for maintaining bathrooms, toilets, restrooms, gym floors, hotel rooms, hospital floors, and more. So, choose your cleaning system after proper research and make your purchase a true investment.

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How to Pick the Best Hard Surface Cleaner

How to Pick the Best Hard Surface Cleaner