How to Choose Steam Pressure Washer for Industrial Cleaning

Attention Commercial and Industrial Users: Vapor Steam Cleaners ARE NOT Steam Pressure Washers, and Lack the Cleaning Power You Need ...!

Attention Commercial and Industrial Users: Vapor Steam Cleaners ARE NOT Steam Pressure Washers, and Lack the Cleaning Power You Need ...!

A vapor steam cleaner is a great investment for a wide variety of home and commercial cleaning purposes; however, it not applicable for most industrial and large commercial applications, unless the user is interested in cleaning restrooms within industrial facilities, or sanitizing/disinfecting surfaces on dairy and other equipment. We at Daimer will never suggest using vapor steam cleaners for industrial equipment cleaning applications!

An example of a Misconception About Vapor Steam Cleaners
by a Prospective Industrial User

The following is a typical question sometimes posed to us by a prospective industrial user requiring a steam pressure washer:

"Our equipment's surfaces contain grease, oil, (food buildup, etc), but we cannot use any cleaning equipment with water flow because it will wet the electronics. We believe vapor steam cleaners will do the job because they will not wet the machines".

WRONG! Just because this user cannot use water does not mean he can use a dry vapor steam cleaner. The reality is industrial cleaning applications require high temperature and water flow to wash away the substances. The benefits of using the right steam pressure washer for industrial equipment cleaning are those with high temperatures up to 330°F combined with low flow rates of 1-2 liters per minute result in fast cleaning with relatively little water on the floor on the equipment or the floor surface. Merely aim the wand at the surface in wet steam mode and watch most substances dissolve, and normally without the use of harmful chemicals.

Daimer's Super Max™ steam pressure washers, the most rugged, technologically superior, and highest temperature steam pressure washing machines in the industry, emit up to 1/10 the water flow associated with hot water pressure washers. Most other heated pressure washers in the industry simply cannot compare ...

Sometimes users think they can utilize hot pressure washers on equipment and machines while operating at 3000 psi and 5 GPM; this type of pressure and flow rate will absolutely flood equipment and flooring as well as destroy tile floor grout; these high pressure cleaning machines should never be used for industrial equipment cleaning or grout cleaning!

Dry Steam Cleaners Lack the Necessary Cleaning
Power to Wash Away the Substances from
Commercial and Industrial Equipment Surfaces

Cleaning machinery and equipment with a 1/2" width brush on a vapor steam cleaner is absolutely impractical and an incredible waste of time! The analogy is like trying to clean a large floor surface with a toothbrush. In order to clean the user must use the brush along every inch of the equipment or surface to be cleaned. Do not expect the dry vapor steam to dissolve substances inches away from the nozzle as it will not! Unlike steam pressure washers, contact cleaning is the rule with dry steam cleaners.

Vapor steam cleaners,
which require the use of brushes, attachments, towels, and other smaller tools to clean a variety of surfaces including but not limited to: grout lines, spot cleaning, bathrooms, and sanitizing surfaces on a smaller scale, are ideal cleaning machines for small-scale, up-close cleaning, but since the vapor is relatively dry, containing only 5% water, they lack the cleaning power required to dissolve and move substances on large industrial machinery, such as conveyor belts and more.

Dry steam cleaners up to even the most powerful 40,000 watt industrial machines absolutely cannot magically dissolve grease and other substances and buildup by aiming the wand at the surface. The temperatures drop dramatically as the user moves inches away from the surface area ...

Many industrial applications require the cleaning of large machines and equipment ... the removal of grease, oil, food substances, and many other surfaces and stubborn materials for which a steam pressure washer is absolutely the best solution. Click here to view the industrial Super Max 7000 steam pressure washer, one of our most popular, portable steam pressure washers for industrial cleaning. These machines offer a great amount of cleaning power, which allows the user to stand back and spray the equipment, and are fantastic to clean dumpsters, concrete, brick, stone, metal, porous/unsealed limestone, quarry, travertine, sandstone, and other types of porous and unporous tile, and virtually unlimited other surfaces.

We suggest speaking with an experienced Daimer product specialist if you have any application or technology questions. Be assured we will always guide you in the right direction!

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How to Choose Steam Pressure Washer for Industrial Cleaning

How to Choose Steam Pressure Washer for Industrial Cleaning