How to Clean Patio Furniture

How to Clean Patio Furniture Using Pressure Washer?

Patio furniture can add significantly to the enchanting look of your garden, but the problem with them is that they need high-quality cleaning and maintenance. They withstand the harsh elements day in and day out and can get soiled quickly. The rough treatment that patio furniture receives outdoors must be softened by ensuring that it is free of muck, mud, grime, and deposits. Using a pressure washer is highly recommended to clean patio furniture and keep it looking new and attractive.

Why Use Pressure Washers?

Pressure washer is a powerful cleaning machine that draws water from a tap and releases it on to the surface to be cleaned at high pressure, cutting through dirt and grime, and leaves the surface absolutely clean. It is important to use pressure washers with the right pressure level to remove mud and other deposits from patio furniture to make it look new and extend its life.

Cleaning Patio Furniture Using a Powerful Pressure Washer

A pressure washer takes the stress and physical effort out of cleaning patio furniture. You are assured of great results, if you take the following steps:

  • Understanding the Basics of a Pressure Washer: Before you get down to business with a pressure washer, make sure you know how it works. The basic operation of the pressure washer is that it takes the low pressure water from your garden tap or hose and increases the pressure with a special pump. The pump uses either a gas-powered engine or an electric motor to boost the pressure levels significantly higher to remove dirt and mud from all types of patio furniture, including those made of wooden, iron, aluminum, and even plastic. Before turning on the pressure washer, read the manufacturer’s manual to make sure you use it the right way to get the desired results.
  • Setting up the Pressure Washer: Make sure all the inlet and outlet connections are firm and secure before you use the pressure washer for cleaning patio furniture. Check plug connections of electric-driven pressure washers for safe operations. Check all oil levels in the pump or engine, if applicable. Failure to check oil levels may affect performance and also damage the machine.
  • Boosting the Cleaning Power: If the patio furniture has not been cleaned for long, you will need more cleaning power. This can be achieved by adding cleaning solution to the high pressure cleaning method for quick and better results. There are eco-friendly cleaning solutions available to clean more substantial deposits without causing any damage to the patio plants.
  • The Cleaning Process: Shift all moveable patio furniture to a concrete surface, so that you can use the pressure washer conveniently and directly on the furniture without causing any direct or indirect damage to the plants, grass, shrubs, and pots. If you have a mix of iron, plastic, wood, and aluminum patio furniture, clean them separately, as you may need to adjust the pressure level to match the cleaning needs for various types of patio furniture. After cleaning, let them dry under the sun, and if necessary, wipe with a dry, soft cloth before putting all of them back in their designated places.
  • Use the pressure settings carefully on various types of patio furniture to ensure optimum results.
  • There are a number of specialty accessories available for use with pressure washers. Use them as per manufacturer’s instructions to clean more efficiently.
  • Buy pressure washers only from proven and reputable brands. The best brands are durable, user-friendly, and will serve your various cleaning needs.

Patio furniture cleaning is a challenging task. Advanced pressure washer systems come with the best features to help you get the results you expect from a superior patio cleaning machine.

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How to Clean Patio Furniture

How to Clean Patio Furniture