How to Choose the Best Mobile Car Wash Equipment

How to Choose the Best Industrial Pressure Washer?

Setting up a mobile auto detailing business is an elaborate process. You have to make many investments such as buying a trailer, getting the legal paperwork done, and creating the marketing content. Another chief concern is to choose the right equipment for your business. While this task can be tough, it is not impossible.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Type of Cleaning Equipment?

There are certain aspects that make a mobile detailing business different from a fixed detailing business.

  • You are required to move from one area to another to find clients.
  • You need equipment that is easy to move, operate, and store.
  • You will have to choose only essential equipment that can fit into your truck or trailer.

All these points can make you realize that you need to be careful about the type of equipment you choose.

What is the General Equipment List?

There is always a general list of items that are needed to run a successful auto detailing business:

  • Electric powered pressure washer for car body
  • Cold water pressure washing system for tires and windows
  • Steam pressure washer for engine and under carriage
  • Steam cleaners for dashboards, side walls, windows, and floor mattresses
  • Upholstery cleaning machines for seat covers and miscellaneous upholstery
  • Polishing equipment
  • Air compressor for pneumatic tools
  • Rotary buffer
  • Cleaning products such as carpet shampoos and glass cleaners
  • Washing tools like brushes, cleaning agents, towels, etc.

While most of the above listed items can be found in any specialized car accessories store, equipment like electric powered pressure washer, upholstery cleaning machine, steam pressure washer, and steam cleaner need to chosen carefully.

What You Need to Look for in Mobile Car Washing Equipment

Keeping certain points in mind can help you to narrow down the list of choices and purchase the right equipment for your mobile auto detailing business.

  • Understand Your Target Clientele: Knowing the kinds of customers, and more importantly, the kind of cars they are driving, will make a huge difference in choosing the right type of equipment. Generally, that target clientele of a mobile auto detailing business include business executives, lawyers, RV dealers and owners, doctors, exotic car owners, limo companies, and new and used car dealers.

  • Size and Portability: As your business will be conducted in the back of a trailer or truck, you need to make sure that the equipment you buy is of the right size. It should be compact and easy to lift and move to another location.

  • Power Voltage: The amount of power that a pressure washing equipment provides is directly related to the manner in which you can finish a detailing job. While customers expect fast service, they will not stand for any mistakes. You have to make sure that the equipment is powerful enough for a fast job as well as comprehensive cleaning.

  • Features: Since you already know the size of your work area and the type of automobiles you will be cleaning, it will be easier for you to find exact features that are required for your detailing business. Get exact information on the following points:
    • Rugged engine design
    • Types of systems – propane, oil, diesel, and electric powered
    • Water pressure levels
    • Water temperatures for hygienic cleaning
    • Pressure hoses, spray guns, wands, and other accessories

  • Look at the Overall Investment and Returns: By now, your list has become quite small, thanks to the above points. The final point to consider is expenditure and return on investment. Use all the previous points to decide whether the equipment you are purchasing is providing you value for money. Ensure that the equipment has the necessary warranties to help you to reduce expenses on maintenance and repairs. Read online reviews about the service life cycles of these machines. You can also speak to friends or colleagues who may have used the equipment.

When amalgamated, all these factors can help you to choose the right pressure washing equipment for your mobile auto detailing business.

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How to Choose the Best Mobile Car Wash Equipment

How to Choose the Best Mobile Car Wash Equipment