How to Clean HVAC Condenser and Evaporator Coils

How to Clean HVAC Condenser and Evaporator Coils Using/With Pressure Washer?

Although HVAC condenser and evaporator coils are components of machinery used in environments, ranging from petrochemical plants and sewage treatment to space heating and refrigeration, most of us associate the term with air conditioning. Regular and thorough cleaning is necessary for the heat exchanger tubes to function impeccably. Basically, this means removing the dirt and dust deposits accumulated on the vents of the air conditioning. Rather than cleaning it by wiping or washing, it is advisable to use pressure washers.

Cleaning the vents

Before beginning the cleaning process, remember to turn off the electrical breaker to eliminate the risk of electrocution. Use a screwdriver to open the grills or vents. This will help you attain better cleaning results. Even if the vents are extremely dirty, the pressurized water generated by pressure cleaners will help clean off all the dirt and dust quickly and effectively. Choose a suitably sized brush in the process. Moreover, remember to put on a face mask, since inhalation of mold or dust may trigger respiratory issues.

“Do not forget the duct walls”

Most people skip cleaning the duct walls of air conditioning and ventilation systems. This is in fact one of the biggest mistakes, since a lot of dust gets collected along the duct walls. Direct the jet of pressurized water on the duct walls to wash off all the dust accumulation.

Once the vents are thoroughly dry, reattach them and switch on the air conditioner. Any remaining dust or debris will get expelled once the system is on. During the entire cleaning process, keep all windows and doors open, so that the dust does not settle within the room. Most importantly, remember to replace the air filters every six months.

For best results in cleaning HVAC condenser and evaporator coils, choose pressure washers featuring flow rates of 2 GPM and pressure levels of 1000 PSI.

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How to Clean HVAC Condenser and Evaporator Coils

How to Clean HVAC Condenser and Evaporator Coils