How to Clean Ovens

How to Steam Clean Ovens?

A clean, shiny oven can be a motivation for cooking enthusiasts, but to get a used oven back to its shiny state can be tough. Using harsh chemicals can leave residual toxins behind and that can damage the surfaces around the oven and also create health issues. Steam cleaning is the best way to get ovens spotlessly clean with very little manual effort and in double quick time.

Why Use Steam Cleaners?

Charred food bits, soot, and grime can often be found on the floor and sides of commercial ovens. From a hygiene point of view, it is absolutely important that every bit of dirt and grease deposits be removed from the ovens before they are used again. Using steam cleaner is the smartest thing to do, as the high temperature of steam can easily dislodge and remove the tough deposits and keep them spotlessly clean. An added advantage is that steam cleaning helps you comply with the tough sanitization laws applicable for commercial kitchens.

Cleaning Ovens with Steam Cleaners

The power of super-heated steam, when combined with a host of advanced cleaning technologies, makes it easy for cleaning staff to deal with the challenges of cleaning large ovens in commercial kitchens. A systematic approach can help in optimizing the results of oven cleaning.

The Working of a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners use ordinary water and convert it to steam using an in-built heating element. The steam is transferred through a hose or nozzle with a cleaning wand attached to it. The super heated steam from the steam cleaner dissolves even the toughest of grime, dirt, and deposits, and simultaneously sanitizes the oven surface.

Setting up the Steam Cleaner for Optimum Results

This is a crucial step in the oven cleaning process but very simple as well. You just have to go through the product manual carefully and make the inlet and outlet connections as instructed. Precaution must be taken to secure all connections safely, so that there is no loss of pressure, which may adversely affect the performance of the machine.

In case you are using a steam pressure washer machine that is heated and/ or powered by fuel or gasoline, you must ensure the machine is filled adequately before starting the cleaning process.

The Process

Remove all the grates and the loose debris, charred bits of food and other particles from the oven. Put back the grates and direct the heated steam from the steam cleaner inside the oven, starting from one end and moving to the other in one smooth motion. Focus the steam more on those stubborn spots, so the heat can break the bond between the dirt and the surface easily. Wipe dry the oven with a microfiber towel to leave it spotlessly clean and sanitized.


  • Steam cleaning obliterates the need to use chemicals, detergents, and other expensive cleaning solutions. It is a money-saver.
  • Using a proven and reputable brand of steam cleaner assures top performance and durability.
  • The top brands supply various accessories for use with the machine to clean deeper and more conveniently. Learn how to use them for superior cleaning.

Super heated steam, when combined with high pressure, can clean better than other cleaning methods. Oven steam cleaners with advanced technologies can clean, disinfect, and sanitize surfaces to provide unmatched cleaning results.

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How to Clean Ovens

How to Clean Ovens