How to Remove Graffiti with Pressure Washer

How to Remove Graffiti with a Pressure Washer?

One of the toughest cleaning tasks that homeowners, businesses and government authorities face these days is eliminating graffiti from concrete surfaces. Now, this is obviously not an easy task since the spray paint that penetrates deep into the porous concrete can be almost impossible to eliminate, if you stick to conventional cleaning methods like scrubbing. Therefore, it is time to upgrade to better cleaning systems such as pressure washers.

Basic and advanced cleaning techniques

To clean graffiti and spray paint from concrete surfaces, you must be equipped with pressure washers capable of generating high pressure levels of about 2000 PSI and flow rates of 4 GPM. The basic procedure involves directing the pressurized jet of water on the graffiti to be cleaned and simply allowing the high pressure levels to work its magic. However, cleaning experts recommend a slightly different technique.

According to cleaning professionals, it is possible to improve the cleaning results and cut down the time spent on cleaning graffiti from concrete surfaces. Pre-spraying the surface with a proven graffiti removal solution from leading suppliers helps eliminate graffiti more efficiently. Remember to do your bit to protect the environment by choosing non-toxic, readily biodegradable graffiti removers featuring components derived from nature.

“Will the surface withstand power cleaning?”

While cleaning graffiti from concrete walls, remember that water will be ejected under extremely high pressures. For this reason, it is important to avoid focusing the pressurized water any other surfaces. For instance, if you have painted window sills, the high-pressure water can strip off paint from the surface and may damage wooden panels.

Adhere to safety norms

If used carelessly, pressurized water generated by the pressure cleaners can also prove dangerous for users, other people, pets and plants. Therefore, always ensure that the area is clear and use the power cleaner with great care after understanding the safety instructions that come with it.

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How to Remove Graffiti with Pressure Washer

How to Remove Graffiti with Pressure Washer