How to Use a Carpet Cleaner

How to Use a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner Process

Next, pre-mix the suggested green carpet cleaning liquid according to the dilution rate on the bottle. Apply the carpet cleaning solution (pre-mixed) to the carpet area (not more than 1 room at a time or total area of approximately 250 sq. ft. This will help prevent "over-wetting" which increases drying time and can lead to "browning or wicking". Most types of carpet can be cleaned using 1 gallon of pre-mix to cover approx. 200 sq. ft.) Please note: Do not soak or over-saturate the carpet area during carpet cleaning!

After applying the pre-spray, allow 10-15 minutes of dwell time. This will help loosen the dirt and soil hidden deep within your carpet and emulsify the grease, oils, soaps, etc. After 10-15 minutes, depress the carpet wand trigger to release the water flow to clean the carpet while the vacuum extraction within the carpet cleaner is powered. A steam carpet cleaner will clean more effectively as the heat adds extra cleaning power over that generated by a non-heated carpet cleaner. You absolutely do not need to place carpet cleaning chemical or shampoo into the carpet cleaner solution tank. Other carpet cleaner methods on the market seem to focus on adding carpet shampoo to the carpet cleaner, but it is totally unnecessary with Daimer.

After extracting approximately half the first room/area, stop the extraction and go to next room/area and pre-spray another 250 sq. ft. This will save you time as the carpet cleaning solution or chemical will dwell on the carpet as you go back to finish extracting the first room/area. Repeat this procedure through entire job - pre-spray one room/area ahead of the one you are extracting.

The 10-15 minute dwell time is important, allowing the carpet cleaning chemical time to emulsify stains, soil, greases, etc. More than 15-20 minutes dwell time is not recommended as more time allows moisture to travel down into carpet pad (increasing overall dry time) ,and the top of the carpet fibers start to dry (not allowing soils and stains to remain in solution).

If the dwell time is more than 20 minutes check the moisture on the carpet. you may need to "lightly re-spray area" to re-emulsify stains prior to extracting. You may find soapy-sudsy areas that appear within the carpet; this condition results from prior spotting or carpet cleaner methods with soap or detergent based products. This would never have happened if Eco-Green ® was used as it contains no soap.

Rinse/flush area as necessary to remove suds (Soap Free Eco-Green® actually helps break down and neutralize soaps and detergents). Those carpet sections containing heavy soap or grease/oil may need to be treated again. After cleaning carpet areas, spot clean any remaining spots. After using the appropriate chemical, always rinse/flush spot areas with the carpet cleaner and Eco-Green ® to remove any chemical residue. you can use an inexpensive appropriate carpet grooming brush/rake to groom the carpet area, and allow the carpet to dry.

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How to Use a Carpet Cleaner

How to Use a Carpet Cleaner