February 16, 2015

Daimer’s Brings You The Best Industrial Pressure Washers On The Market

Industrial Pressure WashersInvesting in an industrial pressure washer can benefit you, your company, your business or your home in so many different ways. For starters, if you have a business that is susceptible to a high amount of traffic on the sidewalks and street, you may have noticed that those areas get dirty much more quickly than you would like. Hiring a professional pressure washer for this task can be expensive. If your sidewalks get dirty quickly, those pressure washer visits could add up quickly and you could be spending hundreds of dollars out of pocket to keep up your business’ appearances. If you are a homeowner who has siding or hardiplank on your home, you will realize over time that this type of material gets dirty much more quickly than others.

Having an industrial electric pressure washer on hand not only saves you money, but cleans much faster than a regular pressure washer will. If you are looking to start a pressure washing company or already have one, you may be looking to upgrade your industrial power washer to something of a higher grade. If this is the case, you have come to the right place. We at Daimer’s can offer you the best industrial pressure washers for sale online anywhere.

Not only are we one of the top leading suppliers of industrial pressure washing equipment, we also offer the best quality and the highest temperature industrial grade pressure washing equipment, which means you get a better clean in a shorter amount of time. When purchasing an industrial plus pressure washer, there is no other company you should go to except for Daimer’s because we know pressure washers.

How to decide which type of industrial power washer you want to purchase

With so many different brands offering what they claim is the best industrial pressure washer for sale online, how can you know that we really are the best? The answer is simple. We know that we offer the best industrial electric pressure washer because all of our products reach an optimal temperature of 330 degrees fahrenheit, which makes for a very deep clean. Many times online, you will find that you are able to purchase a pressure washer industrial for very cheap.

However, this is not the path you should take. Although you think you may be saving money on this industrial hot water power washer, you will not receive the quality and deep clean look and feel of one a Daimer’s product. At the end of the day, quality matters and you should purchase a product you know one hundred percent will work, not one that is dirt cheap and may or may not do the job. Investing in a quality pressure washer means you will have to clean less often, which is less time and energy spent that could be better suited elsewhere.

After you decide to purchase one of our pressure washers from us, you will then have to decide whether you would like to purchase one that uses hot water or an industrial steam pressure washer. Although high temperatures in an industrial hot water pressure washer could mean a deeper clean than a steam powered pressure washer, the steam cleaner option does have it’s benefits, as well. First of all, it eliminates the amount of splashback that one gets when cleaning, which can be beneficial in heavily-trafficked areas. Next, a steam powered washer also used over 50% less water than a hot water cleaner, which can be extraordinarily beneficial for homeowners looking to save on water usage or big companies that need to clean a very large area. Steam also has the ability to clean oily or greasy surfaces better, which means it will take less time for these areas to be cleaned. This is extremely important when cleaning garages or driveways, which tend to get oily over time when cars sit atop it. Sometimes, a hot water pressure washer will take a few more runs over it than a steam powered washer would to get it cleaned thoroughly. However, this does not mean that a hot water steam cleaner is not a great option, as well.

A hot water steam cleaner means you have a choice of temperature. That means if you do not think it is cleaning well enough, you can up the temperature higher to get it done more effectively. Also, hot water cleaners are also more apt to have different pressure settings that one can choose when using. This is beneficial for if you want to clean your car but do not want to damage it with a high powered pressure stream. The option to lower your pressure higher or lower gives you more control and allows you to clean a wider variety of surfaces.

For grease-covered floors in a business, lease industrial pressure washer to get all of the dirt and grime up completely. The choice to get a pressure washer should really be an easy one. As you can see, the benefits are endless. Even for the regular homeowner who does not have a commercial need for a pressure washer, it is still beneficial to have to save on pressure washing company visits. The smart choice is always to invest in the product. We are here to help you do so with a wide array of pressure washer products designed to meet every need and want you have. 


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