Industrial Grade Propane Powered Pressure Washers

Industrial Grade Propane Powered Pressure Washers
2 Industrial Grade Propane Powered Pressure Washers
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Industrial Grade Propane Powered Pressure Washers

Propane Powered Pressure Washers

Daimer's Super Max™ powerful industrial commercial propane pressure washers are propane powered, tri-mode systems, perfect for industrial strength use. The versatility and performance of propane powered pressure washer machines are unrivaled.

The advantages of Daimer's Super Max™ propane pressure washers are clear. Propane is a cleaner, more versatile power source for pressure washers. Propane powered washers are perfect for those times when you do not have access to an electrical outlet, and for customers who favor propane to gasoline.

The tri-mode propane powered pressure washer equipment allows you to use one pressure washer for virtually all of your cleaning needs. The washer can be used as a cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure washer, or steam pressure washer. For example, auto-detailing businesses may want three different types of pressure washing machines to safely and effectively clean the exterior of their customer's cars as well as other items. Daimer's one propane based system offers the versatility they need.

The Super Max™'s tri-mode industrial commercial propane pressure washer machines and equipment allow professional cleaning contractors, industrial users, food service, retailers, and others to focus on varying pressure washing needs with one piece of equipment, rather than spending more money to purchase a different pressure washer for each type of job, The Super Max™'s high pressure washing system will meet virtually all of your pressure washing cleaning requirements without any hassles. Available options include a wet sandblasting system, phosphate or phosphatizing system, and two gun operation, among others.

Propane powered pressure washers purchased at home improvement stores are meant for personal use, and never withstand the rigors associated with commercial or industrial cleaning applications. While these pressure washers might be inexpensive, the cost of constantly replacing individual parts or the whole machine (along with the associated aggravation and downtime) can cost more than than buying one powerful industrial commercial propane pressure washer from Daimer. The durability and versatility of Daimer's propane powered pressure washers are unparalleled. Our unique tri-mode machines and equipment will save buyers valuable time and money. We can help you maximize your productivity.

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