February 27, 2015

Commercial and Industrial Pressure Washers

Industrial Pressure WashersIn our modern-day society, there can be no argument that presentation is everything. To a consumer, an employee, a prospective client or even to your very own boss, perception is reality. Hand in hand with this philosophy is the fact that first impressions truly do count.

First impressions come in many shapes and sizes, from the obvious, such as can be seen in retail stores, to the less obvious, such as in an office building. The one thing that every environment has in common that people take for granted... is the floor.

Nothing can defile the impeccable image that you have worked so hard to achieve than a marred floor. Similarly, a pristine floor will openly advertise a level of professionalism and attention-to-detail that is second to none, in any environment.

As a commercial or industrial professional, you will inevitably need to have your floors cleaned. With this kind of need at hand, a pressure washer is your ideal solution. At Daimer Industries, it is our pleasure to offer you all the machinery you will need for these cleaning tasks. From commercial pressure washers to industrial pressure washers, we have what you need.

Daimer Industries Commercial Pressure Washers

Daimer Industries is proud to present our Super Max™ pressure washing machines. Daimer boasts an inventory of  over 400 different models of pressure washing machines, allowing us to cater to every conceivable need of you, the consumer.

Our machines offer a diverse range of pressure levels, from a simple 750psi to an astonishing 8000psi. The temperature ranges that we offer start as low as regular cold water levels all the way up to a furious 330ºF.

Our diverse selection of pressure washers employ a range of different options for heating, from propane to natural gas and even diesel.

Our selection of Commercial and Industrial Pressure Washers

We proudly offer a varied range of pressure washers that fall into the following categories:

            Super Max 6000, 7000, 9000, 9500.

  • These models are our most basic, catering to a large variety of commercial and industrial projects.
  • All use propane for heating.
  • Range from 750psi to 2000psi and flow rates between 1.4 GPM and 2.8 GPM      

            Super Max 10880, 10970.

  • These models are both diesel-powered, with a much higher PSI (from 2500PSI to 3500PSI).
  • Both have flow rates of 4 GPM and incorporate temperatures of up to 330ºF.

            Super Max 12200, 12300, 12400 PE, 12500 DE, 12500 PE.

  • These models all use propane for heating.
  • All offer 2000PSI to 3000PSI.
  • All accommodate temperatures of up to 330ºF.
  • These models offer excellent portability.

            Super Max 12800, 12820, 12840, 12860, 12880 DE, 12885 DE

  • All of these models are electric powered, except the DE models which run on diesel.
  • These offer 1000 PSI up to 4000 PSI.
  • Hot water temperatures range from 180ºF to 220ºF, and steam temperatures of up to 330ºF.

            Super Max 15200, 15400, 15500, 15700, 15800, 15900

  • These robust models are all electric powered. They are all stationary models.
  • These offer 700PSI to 2000PSI
  • Various heating options, from electricity to propane and fuel oil.
  • Steam temperatures of up to 330ºF.

            Super Max 20000, 30000, 31000

  • These are our largest pressure washers.
  • These offer from 1000PSI to 6500PSI.
  • Flow rates from 8 GPM to 15 GPM  
  • The Super Max 31000 uses 12 modules, heated by natural gas.
  • The Super Max 20000 can be used by up to three separate operators.     

All of our pressure washers have various motors with a wide range of horsepower, and offer a diverse selection of power methods, from 110V single-phase to 575V three-phase. Visit Daimer.com for specific details on each and every one of our machines that are on offer. With our excellent selection of machines and options, we have the pressure washer that you need for your business.                      

Featured in more than 120 trade publications worldwide, Daimer Industries is a top ranked brand of pressure washers globally, boasting customers in over 200 countries. Our customers are incredibly diverse and range from hundreds of thousands of homeowners to some of the larges and most recognizable names in the world, including the White House. In a more industrial light, we service all branches of our military, the health care services, the hospitality industry, to name but a few.

Daimer is proud to be 100% American and exports to over 240 countries from warehouses right here in the USA. We offer lease-to-own options on many of our products, and within the continental USA you can enjoy free shipping and no sales tax. It's our pleasure to offer you the products you need for pressure washing tasks and we are excited to have the opportunity to assist you in making a first impression that you can count on with Daimer products. 


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