March 17, 2015

Essential Guide for Industrial Pressure Washers

Industrial Pressure WashersIndustrial pressure washers help eliminate heavy deposits over hard surfaces and hence find their use in cleaning parking lots, stadiums, parks, industrial floors, restaurants, vehicles etc. There are variations in their make and model based on their application and the source of energy they use to function. We are one of the world’s top leaders offering a wide range of world-class, heavy-duty industrial pressure washer equipments.

Benefits of Using Our Industrial Pressure Washers

Commercial pressure washers are used for various indoor and outdoor cleaning requirements. Our Supermax series of industrial hot water pressure washers can be used for various cleaning needs like at agricultural settings, farms, airports, construction sites, food service operations, oil rig platforms, parking lots, conveyor belts, and much more.

Our Super Max 10880 powered by gasoline and heated by oil is a high powered, industrial pressure washer that offers enhanced cleaning and greater reach than many other brands' models available in the market.

Propane heated, gas powered industrial pressure washers like the Super Max 12500 GE is your best bet for outdoor cleaning applications that are challenging. You can extend its reach considerably by mounting it on a trailer.

Over the years, pressure washing has improved a lot. Unlike the earlier machines, today’s industrial pressure washer models offer utmost flexibility, durability and power than the industry has ever seen! Whether you are upgrading an existing industrial pressure washer or buying one for the first time, you should check the features and benefits offered by your chosen model and examine if these are adequate to meet your present and projected needs. Apart from choosing a model of washer, you will also need to select the unit and attachments that help you benefit the most from your investment.  

Buyer’s Guide for Industrial Pressure Washers

Though you may find a series of industrial pressure washers for sale, unless you understand certain points about them, you won’t be able to make a wise choice.

The first factor to consider while buying pressure washers is the source of power they use to drive the motor and create the required pressure. There are two main types of power sources used by these pressure washers – electric motors and combustion engines. While those with electric motors use electric sources to power up, the combustion driven motors of industrial electric pressure washers require fuels like gasoline, propane, diesel, etc.

If you need indoor cleaning services, the best choice would be the electricity driven pressure washers like the Vapor Flo series offered by us. These are ideal for indoor use such as for cleaning hospital equipments, restaurants, kitchens, etc. as they have reduced noise output that avoids disturbance to customers and others. However, avoid using them for outdoor needs where there is limited or no source of electricity.

If you need outdoor cleaning applications such as pavements, parks, walls etc., you may either buy gasoline powered or propane powered pressure washers, which can be moved around on wheels and offer flexibility as well as portability.

You can also find industrial pressure washing equipments with multiple heating options (propane, natural gas or oil) like our Supermax 15400. With a low flow rate of 3 GPM and pressure level of 700 PSI, this is ideal for commercial or industrial establishments that require low pressure washing.

Types of Industrial Pressure Washers

While there are variations based on the source of heat used, there are also variations in the type of pressure that comes out of the washers. For instance,

·    The cold water machines are the basic types without any heating element and hence they don’t release steam. These mainly work on the pressure output. Though these are one of the most cost-effective and durable options, the results may not be as effective as the other versions with heating options.

·    An industrial hot water power washer machine uses hot water of up to 210ºF along with high pressure to clean stubborn dirt and deposits.

·    Steam machines, which use high pressure steam that helps to clean rigid surfaces, are considered to offer the most powerful cleaning results. Hence, they are termed as the best industrial electric power washers.

Buy or Lease Industrial Power Washer

As a startup company, it could be difficult for you to invest in the expensive, top-of-the-line pressure washers, which are required by your company to offer the clients good cleaning results. If buying is too tough a choice, you can try to lease industrial pressure washers. Quite a few reputed companies offer such options, based on your credit scores and locality, which can help you enjoy superior cleaning results without locking your precious capital investment. We offer you lease-to-own program that comes with various options like leasing for 12 to 60 months, while our special delayed payment program lets you pay after 90 days of leasing.

Compared to unpressurised cleaning procedures, opting for industrial pressure washers is a prudent choice since they offer impressive benefits in terms of cleaning results, economy and environmental impact. You can make the most of them when cleaning stubborn dirt, stains, grease deposits, oil spills, and leftovers of chemicals. By using contemporary heavy-duty industrial pressure washers, you will also be able to meet the stringent state and federal regulations that are binding on several industries.

So, what are you waiting for? Use our proven and reputable industrial pressure washers to meet the challenges of industrial cleaning and make your clients happy and satisfied.


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