February 11, 2016

Proper Face Protection with Industrial Grade Pressure Washing Equipment

Industrial Pressure WashersSo you’re thinking of getting a pressure washer for your business, and to be perfectly honest, that’s not a bad idea, not at all. There are many benefits that come with owning a pressure washer, particularly an industrial pressure washer that has all of the perks. As you might or might not be aware, there are several types of pressure washer out there, some of which are obviously better than others, but no matter which of these you get, it is important that you practice proper safety procedures, especially if you want your employees to walk away from a job site unharmed. Now, there are a ton of different procedures to be followed, but in this particular case, we are talking about something more along the lines of face protection.

Protecting Your Face

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to face protection, obviously, is a pair of safety glasses, and that is a good place to start. When you are dealing with something as potentially destructive as a pressure washer, however, you need to make sure that you are investing in the right safety glasses, and not just a pair you purchased at the dollar store.

In most cases, you will be looking for what are known as polycarbonate lenses, which are outstanding when it comes to durability, however you should consider that they do not always protect against glare, scratches, fog, etc. For them to function properly, they are going to need a special coating to protect against the elements they might face, even those outside of the realm of your industrial pressure washer. Some of the most common things that they protect against include:

  • Impact
  • Chemical
  • Scratch
  • Glare
  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Infrared (heat)
  • Fog (extra moisture in work environment)
  • Etc

The idea of a polycarbonate lens is to give yourself and your employees the eye protection they need against a number of different potential circumstances. These circumstances might never actually pop up, but you know by now that it is better to be safe than sorry. This goes double when you are dealing with an industrial power washer. The right lens coatings will give you not only protection, but also compliance with local and federal workplace laws. Of course to make it even better, you will find that having good eye protection is a great way to increase both motivation and workplace productivity.

Like New, but Not

One of the greatest benefits of the scratch proof lenses you would find on the market today is that they often find themselves exposed to abrasion. For example, debris from the surface that you are cleaning could strike them, and a lesser glass would likely just break or at the very least scratch. Now when you are dealing with polycarbonate lenses, this is simply not the case. The clear coat on polycarbonate lenses is able to withstand these impacts and not only gives them longer life, but also greater clarity. In other words, your safety glasses will always look brand new, even if you are constantly using the post powerful industrial pressure washer on the market. It might be hard to believe, but it is the absolute truth.

Now something very important to keep in mind is that like any other piece of equipment, polycarbonate glasses, even with the strongest and most powerful coatings need to be taken care of properly, and for the best possible results, you will, of course, want to make sure you clean your glasses as per the manufacturer recommendations. Oftentimes they include a chemical that will not only clean them, but will also ensure that they continue looking brand new. Remember, the faster you can clean your glasses, the faster you will get back to work, and the faster that pressure washer will be going again.

While getting a good industrial pressure washer for sale is definitely a top priority, making sure that you have a good set of safety protocols in place is also a must. This will ensure continued productivity along with a better work ethic among yourself as well as your employees.

It’s time to elevate your workplace safety and make sure that you’re complying with both state and federal laws when it comes to the operation of your industrial pressure washer. It might seem like a bit of a pain at first, but it will ramp up your productivity ten fold.


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