September 19, 2014

Industrial Pressure Washers for Industrial-Strength Stains and Deposits

Daimer Industries' industrial pressure washers are far from what you might find in your average suburban garage—or even at your average industrial work site. Daimer Industries, for a number of years, has provided consumers with the most reliable and highest power industrial pressure washers. These washers meet or exceed the top specifications for models industry wide. As a national and internationally leader, Daimer Industries sets the standards for what to expect in an industrial pressure washer, giving you the power and heat you need to take on your industrial-strength stains and deposits.

When you start your search for an industrial pressure washer, remember that no company is as dedicated to its craft as Daimer Industries. An American owned and operated company, we take great pride in every aspect of our craftsmanship to ensure that each one of our products exceeds customer expectations. Once you have the right product, you will be able to clean and maintain your facility to the fullest extent. A clean, safe facility means that your employees can get their jobs done at maximum productivity, which, in turn, pays dividends for your business. This cycle, and a desire to help your business succeed, lies at the heart of every decision we make within our company.

Daimer Industries Produces the Best Industrial Pressure Washer for Sale

Whether you're located in Honolulu or Hong Kong, we are confident that Daimer Industries is the best industrial pressure washer for sale in any market. This belief has been proven time and again by our satisfied customers in more than 200 companies and territories, as well as the large number of Fortune 500 and international conglomerates that depend on our products. Just a few of these major corporations include Coca-Cola, ConAgra Foods, Century 21, Nextel, Mitsubishi, and Boeing. While we could go on and on about our extensive list of customers—those were just a handful of the hundreds of major companies that have invested in our product—we have one customer that sums up the quality and reliability of our machines: the White House.

Daimer Industries' pressure washers have a full range of capabilities, including remarkable pressure and heat levels that set the industry standard. We have portable, mobile, and fixed models, all with various power and heat options, to serve your goals, whether you need pressure washing services to cover a small exterior warehouse or span a large railyard. Because of their tremendous power, our industrial pressure washers are capable of handing the most challenging deposits of debris and stains generated by industrial manufacturing. This includes thickly and tightly bonded grease and oil few machines are capable of tackling. Further, the sturdy design of our machines makes them just as rugged and durable as the rest of your industrial operation. You can count on Daimer Industries products to last for years, even with heavy usage.

We have more than twenty high-quality industrial pressure washers. These range from our wheel-mounted Super Max series (6000, 7000, and 9000) to our trailer-mounted Super Max models (10880 to 12860), to our fixed Super Max options (15200 to 15900). With every model, you will have the option to choose various pressure levels and temperatures, as different combinations are best for different stains and surfaces. While lower pressure levels may not be able to lift some of the toughest stains, higher pressure levels may be too much power for delicate surfaces. Likewise, the ideal temperature is necessary to maximize the cleaning capacity will limiting any potential damage to your surfaces.

Throughout our full line of pressure washers, we offer electric, gasoline, and diesel-powered motors that have exceptional start-up and heating times. Typically, you're just seconds away from maximum heat. This saves you time during the cleaning process and avoids any wasted energy caused by inefficient systems. Overall, pressure levels range from 750 pounds per square inch to 8,000 pounds per square inch, with industry-leading steam temperatures of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Our flow rates, which range as high as 4 GPM, guarantee superior handling for any cleaning task.

How Daimer Industries Became the World's Best Brand of Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Equipment

No matter the product, it's a crowded marketplace. At Daimer Industries, we've differentiated ourselves through two main strategies. First, we've chosen to operate with smaller profit margins than our competitors. This means that we're willing to pack more value into our machines while controlling overall costs. The result has been that our company has grown from the value of our product, not an ability to cajole customers into paying more for the same thing.

Second, we've extended this price discipline by choosing not to compensate our sales staff based on the value of the product they sell. That means that for you, the consumer, you can ask them questions and expect honest answers. They make the same no matter which model you buy, so you get to enjoy the expertise they offer with peace of mind. When they recommend a product, it's for one reason and one reason only—because they believe it's the best option for your business.

Both of these tenets speak to one more: our honest business practices. We're not trying to trick you into buying a low-quality device that looks great in the showroom, or convince you that your small business needs the cleaning power of an airplane manufacturer. We plan to win you over with the best quality product, which is a statement that rings truer year after year.


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