November 18, 2014

Look No Further For The Best Industrial Pressure Washers On the Market

At Daimer, we are proud to be an all-American company. We strive to be a brand name our consumers can trust and it shows. Our commercial and industrial vapor steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners were the first of their kind in North America and we continue to create innovative products and equipment that utilize the highest quality standards and latest technology. Our high quality industrial pressure washers have been servicing the highest ranked businesses across the globe for years. From the White House to Boeing, our equipment is continually sought after for industrial cleaning jobs. We ship our products nationally and to over 240 countries across the world. 

Find Industrial Pressure Washers For Sale At

Our comprehensive website offers you time to research and get acquainted with our industrial pressure washers for sale and the history of our company. We provide videos which highlight our equipment in action so you can see how each machine works. We offer the ability to compare our products and view specifications to find the best equipment for your needs. We strive to offer affordable, quality equipment to our customers. Check our website for promotions and specials. We offer credit and leasing options to provide you with the choices you need to make your business successful. 

We Offer a Variety of Industrial Pressure Washers To Meet Your Needs

We are proud to offer an extensive line of industrial power washer equipment with numerous to choose from. Our washers are powered by propane, electricity, gas, and/or diesel, depending on your preference. We set the industry standard by offering a range of power configurations and voltage options to give your equipment the energy it needs in any country to get the job done. 

Our industrial pressure washers have been engineered to be rugged and durable. They come equipped with heavy duty engines. The built in high pressure and water heating elements are imperative to completing the toughest industrial cleaning jobs. We offer a variety of machines with high pressure water levels that range from 750 psi to 8000 psi. Our machines reach high temperatures within seconds to 330 degrees Fahrenheit with flow rates up to 4 GPM. High powered engines and a rugged build ensure a long lasting, effective piece of machinery that you can trust. Our Super-Max tri-mode machines can use cold water, hot water, or wet steam to complete a variety of cleaning tasks. We know that sanitation can be a safety issue for many of our customers, which is why our wet steam technology meets USDA standards for use in food and beverage facilities. In situations where spark plugs are unacceptable, we offer glow plug technology for an alternative solution. We are happy to accommodate trailer mounting to increase mobility and provide portable business solutions. At Daimer, you have the versatile options you need for any cleaning job you need to complete. 

Top Quality Industrial Pressure Washer Equipment Gets The Job Done

We know how important big cleaning jobs can be. Many companies depend on pressure washers for cleaning dirt, spills, chemicals, grease, and oils. Without the high power and pressure of water, most of these industrial substances would stick around, building upon each other, creating a toxicity that would not meet strict state and federal standards for businesses. Risking fines or worse, being shut down, is not an option for most businesses. Having a clean, well-maintained facility is essential for employee health, safety, morale, and productivity. We understand the need to meet such standards is imperative for any company to avoid complications and delays and therefore we are able to meet or exceed these needs with our high powered industrial pressure washer equipment. A pressure washer can save time and money by working robustly and efficiently. Our machines are built to durably withstand the toughest jobs and to work consistently time and time again. 

Whether you need indoor or outdoor industrial strength pressure washers, we have you covered. Our machines are durable and many are made for both indoor and outdoor use. From the interior of an event facility to the exterior of a building, our equipment can complete even the toughest cleaning jobs. Hospitals, hotels, factories, restaurants, and government agencies have utilized our products around the world. Our washers have graced the exteriors of buildings, driveways, arenas, sports facilities, runways, automobiles, roads, and more. We are proud to service our customers by always providing high quality, reliable products. We build lifetime customers by providing products you can trust. 

We further build this trust by providing you with the support you need to make an informed purchase. When you call Daimer, rest assured that we are with you every step of the way. Highly trained and knowledgeable, our staff provides friendly, helpful support for existing customers and quotes on new products. Our Product Specialists are highly trained to provide you with the insight you need to make a well-informed decision on which piece of equipment to purchase. We offer easy maintenance and support for your servicing needs. Call Daimer today for your quote! 


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