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Jet Fuel Powered and Jet Fuel Heated

2 Jet Fuel Powered and Jet Fuel Heated
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Super Max 12880 JF
(product #125832886)
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 12880 JF
Price: $18,199.00

Super Max 12880 JF
(product #125832886)
Commercial / Industrial Grade
  • The Super Max™ 12880 JF is the industry's first jet fuel powered pressure washer. Boasting a pressure level of 3000 psi, a flow rate of 5 GPM, and tri-mode temperature technology reaching up to 226°F, this jet fuel powered system can accomplish a wide range of demanding pressure washing tasks. Ideal for applications in the aviation industry and other industries where jet fuel is used regularly, the Super Max™ 12880 JF can accept JP5 and JP8 jet fuel types.

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Super Max 10970
(product #125834721)
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Diesel Powered Pressure Washer
Price: $10,387.00

Super Max 10970
(product #125834721)
Commercial / Industrial Grade


Highly Durable Mobile, Diesel Powered,
  Diesel Fired 2500 PSI Steam Pressure Washer 

  • The Super Max™ 10970 industrial pressure washers is a 100% diesel powered and heated steam pressure washer offering high performance and quality for those, such as government and others, requiring a completely diesel solution and glow plug technology.
  • Uses Daimer's same innovative 12 volt technology as in the 10880 model.
  • Pressure: 2500 psi
  • Flow Rate: 4 GPM
  • Steam Temperatures: Up to 330ºF, the industry's highest temperature.
  • Power Method:  9.8 HP air cooled diesel engine with 5 liter chamber.
  • Heating Method: Oil (Diesel)
  • Popular Applications: Same as the 10880


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Jet Fuel Powered and Jet Fuel Heated

Jet Fuel Powered and Heated Pressure Washers Help The Aviation Industry Attain Sparkling Cleanliness

Daimer® offers a range of pressure washers suitable for every industry and power wash application. To help contractors and staff maintain cleanliness that match the high standards of the aviation industry, Daimer® offers jet fuel powered pressure washers that are capable of attaining high temperatures and pressures. These machines can also be called jet fuel heated pressure washers, as they are heated and powered by jet fuel.

With pressure levels topping 3000 psi, Daimer®’s jet fuel heated pressure washers are among the most powerful hot water pressure washers in its stock. These hot water pressure washer systems attain temperatures more than 220°F. This makes them capable of removing grease, one of the most problematic substances at airports, hangars, and storage areas. The high temperatures of these jet fuel powered pressure washers enable fast removal of grease, as the hot water melts deposits of oil, petrochemicals, and similar substances.

Hot water pressure washers powered by jet fuel also have other advantages. These machines are capable of using water at different temperatures for varied pressure wash tasks. Steam pressure cleaner systems have temperatures that are high enough to melt grease quickly. Hot water, at slightly lower temperature, helps with other cleaning applications, such as mold removal. When heat is not needed, the operator can use the machine in the cold water mode to conserve fuel as well as attain effective cleaning.

Daimer®’s jet fuel pressure washers may have fuel tanks as large as 9 gallons. They have a heavy-duty motor and a heating coil that heats water within a few seconds. The trigger wand is long, 3 feet for effective cleaning, with nozzles supporting different spray patterns. The 50-feet steam hose is immensely strong, since it needs to withstand high temperature and pressure. If you require a longer hose, you can purchase additional hose length. These hot steam pressure washer machines can be used indoors, thanks to their hose, which is long enough to clean indoors even if you leave the machine outdoors.

Optional features include multi-gun use and wet sandblasting. Multi-gun use enables more than one operator to use the machine simultaneously. A steam pressure washer powered by jet fuel enables cleanliness in various areas pertinent to the aviation industry, including but not limited to equipment, roads, storage areas, logistics vehicles, and so on. The machine is built for continuous use, since commercial applications require that the machine be operated for long hours to achieve maximum cleanliness around large commercial areas.

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