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Gas Powered Oil Heated Pressure Washers by Daimer

Daimer®'s oil/diesel heated gas pressure washers offer the same qualities Daimer®'s customers have come to expect: durability, longevity, power, and versatility. In fact, through its offerings of over 400 pressure washers for virtually every application, Daimer® strives to meet the needs of each and every one of its customers. Our customers can even work with us to create their own custom configurations. However, the features offered in Daimer®'s pre-configured Super Max® combination hot water pressure washers are sure to meet the needs of even the most challenging applications.

As gas pressure washers, the models in this category are unlike most machines currently on the market. Many pressure washing machines are powered by electricity. This means that the user must remain tethered to an electrical supply during operation at all times, leading to tripping over power cords and the inability to work in exterior applications where electrical outlets are not readily available. However, Daimer®'s gas pressure washers are designed with the outdoor operator in mind. Powered by gas and heated by oil or diesel, these machines can be used for demanding applications in the most remote locations, as electricity is not required.

The benefits of mobility for many commercial and industrial users are virtually endless, but gas pressure washers offer one more benefit: power. Gas powered hot water pressure washers are often much more powerful than electric powered. The Super Max® 12880, in this category, features a robust 18 HP gasoline engine. These heavy-duty engines result in high pressure levels and flow rates, with the 12880 reaching pressure levels of 3000 psi and flow rates of 5 GPM.

Adding to the immense power offered by the hearty gasoline engines, these machines feature the extra cleaning power afforded by heat. Actually, these machines can be operated independently as cold water, steam, or hot water pressure washers. The cold water mode is designed for use in lighter pressure washing applications where the additional cleaning power afforded by steam or hot water pressure washers is not required.

Heat, on the other hand, greatly increasing the cleaning power of these gas pressure washers. As hot water pressure washers, these machines are capable of reaching 210ºF. And, for even more enhanced cleaning power, users can choose to operate in the steam mode to reach ultra-high temperatures of up to 330ºF. Since cleaning power increases as temperature increases, both of these options afford users with much greater cleaning capabilities than cold water pressure washers alone.

Greater mobility can be achieved by removing the wheels from these hot water pressure washers. This results in a truck/trailer mountable configuration, ideal for rugged applications that wheeled configurations just can't reach. Keeping all of these versatile, powerful, and mobile options in mind, Daimer ® is your ultimate source for the best gas powered propane heated pressure washers in the industry.

Daimer Gas Powered Oil Heated Pressure Cleaners
Gas Powered and Oil/Diesel Heated

3 Gas Powered and Oil/Diesel Heated
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Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 12880
This product cannot be ordered online.
Please call us at 1-800-471-7157.

Commercial / Industrial Grade
The Super Max™ 12880 is a super powerful tri-mode commercial industrial gas pressure washer with the same performance specs and available options as the 12860 . The 12880 differs from the 12860 in that it is powered by an 18 HP gasoline engine. This allows for greater mobility, making this gas pressure washer machine ideal for outdoor applications or other applications without a constant electric supply. The 12880 offers steam temperatures up to 330°F, a pressure level of 3000 psi and a flow rate of 5 GPM.

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Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 12885
This product cannot be ordered online.
Please call us at 1-800-471-7157.

Commercial / Industrial Grade

The Super Max™ 12885 is one of Daimer's most powerful, gasoline powered tri-mode pressure washers boasting a pressure level of 3500 psi and a flow rate of 5 GPM. Capable of operating in cold water, hot water, and steam temperature modes, this versatile gas pressure washer is ideal for a range of demanding outdoor applications where an electrical source may not be readily available. The 12885 can reach temperatures as high as 330°F. By placing the 12885 in an exhaust friendly location and utilizing long pressure hoses, operators can reach indoor applications, as well.

Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 10880
Retail Price: $10,210.00
Special Price: $7,248.00

Commercial / Industrial Grade

Industry's Most Reliable Portable, Gas Powered,
Oil Fired 3500 PSI Steam Pressure Washer

  • The Super Max™ 10880 industrial pressure washer represents an innovation in gasoline powered, oil heated steam pressure washers, or hot water machines for that matter. We challenge anyone to offer a more rugged and reliable system of its type.
  • Daimer Has Solved Classic/Known Problems Among Other Brands: All other 12 volt DC battery operated systems in the industry have traditionally been plagued with chronic failures due to several factors. (See the Product Page for more information.)
  • Daimer's Outstanding Innovations:
    • Special high output engine alternator maintains battery charge all day.
    • Daimer's Unique Technology: Custom, technologically advanced high efficiency, low draw burner with low amperage requirements.
    • New, high-tech 14 HP engine with advanced engineering for enhanced durability and quiet operation.
    • ... and much more.
  • Pressure: Normally 3000 psi, but now a more powerful 3500 psi during our promotion!
  • Flow Rate: 4 GPM
  • Steam Temperatures: Up to 330ºF, the industry's highest temperature.
  • Power Method: 14 HP electric start gasoline engine
  • Heating Method: Oil (Diesel)
  • System meets regulatory requirements around the world, including USA CARB Tier 3, EPA Phase III, and EU Stage 2, RFI/EMC, EU Noise and EU Safety
  • Popular Applications: Chewing gum removal at rates of up to 1200 pieces/hour; concrete, sidewalks, parking lots, grease; oil; graffiti; trucks ...


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Gas Powered and Oil/Diesel Heated

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