Diesel Pressure Washer Machines

Diesel Pressure Washer Machines
4 Diesel Pressure Washer Machines
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Diesel Pressure Washer Machines

Diesel Pressure Washers

Daimer Industries® has a continued dedication to providing the most technologically advanced, powerful pressure washers in the industry. To correspond to this devotion to continuous growth, Daimer® has introduced a line of Super Max™ diesel pressure washers for mobile commercial and industrial users.

Enhanced Pressure Washer Portability

Diesel pressure washers do not rely on electricity either to power or to heat the machine. As such, they are not tied down by the requirement of use in proximity to an electrical supply. In fact, they can be used in remote applications where electricity may not be present, or where a transporting a generator may not be feasible. In addition, use of a diesel pressure washer minimizes risk of operators and others in the area tripping over power cords, as no cords are required for use.

Long Hose Technology

Of course, superior mobility is a premier benefit of diesel pressure washers. However, their operation without electricity does require the combustion of diesel fuel. This process generates exhaust. Ultimately, this means you cannot use these machines indoors where ventilation is not sufficient.

To this extent, Daimer® has introduced Long Hose Technology included within each Super Max™ diesel pressure washer. This helpful feature ensures optimal performance and power, even when pressure hoses up to 300 feet in length are used. As such, Long Hose Technology enables operators to use their diesel pressure washer for interior applications, as the system can be placed outdoors or in an exhaust safe environment while long pressure hoses are used to reach the given application.

Tri-Mode Power Diesel Pressure Washers

Power of these diesel pressure washers is a combination of super high pressure levels, flow rates, and temperatures. The Super Max™ 12880 DE boasts a pressure level of 3000 psi and a flow rate of 5 GPM, while the 12885DE ensures the same high flow rate with an even higher pressure level of 3500 psi. Both machines are highly capable of blasting away stubborn deposits. But, what sets these systems apart is their use of tri-mode technology.

Each diesel pressure washer offered by Daimer® can operate in cold water, hot water, and steam modes. This multi-functionality offers maximum versatility for virtually any pressure washing application commercial and industrial operators may face. Ultimately, cleaning power increases as temperature increases. Thus, wet steam temperature up to 330°F offer the utmost in cleaning power for degreasing and other demanding industrial applications, while cold water temperatures are sufficient for lighter commercial applications.

For even greater cleaning power, consider pairing your diesel pressure washer with Eco-Green® green chemicals. These unique formulas are comprised of plant-based ingredients, making them readily biodegradable and non-toxic. Despite their safe nature, they are extremely tough on dirt, grease, and a host of other deposits. In fact, Daimer® offers specific green formulas for a range of challenging industrial applications, including: degreasing, concrete cleaning, coil cleaning, tile cleaning, parts washing, truck washing, and more. These green chemicals can be used in conjunction with diesel pressure washers for the highest degree of cleaning power, without the harmful effects of toxic detergents.

Daimer Diesel Power Washers
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