Electric Powered - Propane Heated

Electric Powered - Propane Heated
1 Electric Powered - Propane Heated
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Electric Powered - Propane Heated

Electric Powered Propane Heated Pressure Washers by Daimer

Daimer®'s unique, exclusive Super-HOT™ Technology uses the highest steam temperatures to deliver the most advanced pressure washing capabilities in the industry. This Super High-Temp. Optimized Technology™ refers to the use of 100% wet steam at astoundingly high temperatures of 330ºF. The use of high-temperature steam in pressure washing allows the user to attain the highest degree of clean by sanitizing and disinfecting while cleaning, thus effectively speeding up the pressure washing process.

The steam pressure washers above are actually electric powered and propane heated. As electric pressure washers, these models are ideal for indoor applications that require the advanced power of steam. Electric pressure washers produce are much quieter than their gasoline or propane powered counterparts, making them ideal for interior environments where the level of noise can be a concern. Such environments include hospitals, schools, office buildings, hotels, and more.

Electric pressure washers also produce no exhaust, providing for a cleaner and safer indoor air environment. As such, these steam pressure washers are perfect for commercial and industrial users who require the immense cleaning power of steam in an indoor setting. School cafeterias, food service facilities, food manufacturing facilities, and other commercial and industrial facilities where heavy grease and soil can become an issue will greatly benefit from the Super-HOT™ technology employed in these electric pressure washers.

Steam pressure washers are not defined only by their use of high temperatures. In fact, Daimer®'s Super-HOT™ pressure washing equipment includes a host of other features and benefits to suit virtually every commercial and industrial user. When it comes to pressure levels, the Super Max™ steam pressure washers offer pressure levels ranging from 750 psi to 3000 psi for a wide variety of light, moderate, or heavy applications. Additionally, flow rates range from 2 GPM to 5 GPM.

Stationary configurations of these steam pressure washers are available for consumers seeking a permanent addition to their commercial or industrial facility. All other models are offered in wheeled configurations for greater mobility. To add to this mobility, simply remove the wheels and these same electric pressure washers are now truck or trailer mountable configurations.

Daimer® is dedicated to providing its customers with the best pressure washer machines in the industry for commercial and industrial uses. In terms of power, versatility, and reliability, Daimer is the clear cut leader. From our high quality, stainless steel coils to our powder-coated, chip/chemical resistant stainless steel housing, our steam pressure washers are the most rugged and durable available.

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